BTS’s V Teases The Location Of His Friendship Tattoo

The placement is surprisingly creative!

BTS‘s V may have just revealed the location of his friendship tattoo.

BTS’s V | Weverse

BTS’s RM, Jimin, J-Hope, and Jungkook have all confirmed they’ve received their friendship tattoo of the number seven, representing the group’s seven members.

RM was the first to reveal his on Instagram, placing it above his ankle. J-Hope got the tattoo on his calf, Jimin has the “7” on his finger, and Jungkook placed the number behind his ear.

J-Hope’s friendship tattoo | @uarmyhope/Instagram

V announced the plan for the group to get matching friendship tattoos to a fan on Weverse in April of this year.

…We’re going to get a friendship tattoo one day. Look forward to it.

⁠— V

V excited fans when he posted a photo on his Instagram with an upside-down “7” drawn on his skin.

Fans are debating whether it is drawn on with a permanent marker or tattooed. If it is drawn on, it could still represent the design and location for when he does get it permanently inked. Vigilant fans knew exactly where it was on V’s body, despite the photo being zoomed in.

| @thv/Instagram

On V’s arm are two moles spaced apart from each other. V has frequently pinched the skin between the two moles and adorably referred to it as an elephant.

| @gcftaegguk/Tumblr

Fans noticed that the “7” was placed below the two moles and shared that the unique placement had some creative planning behind it.

V had previously revealed that he would be going with Jungkook when he gets his tattoo done. Jungkook shared that he got his friendship tattoo along with additional fresh ink on Instagram today, so it is very possible that V accompanied him.

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Hopefully, we’ll have additional pictures of V’s tattoo soon!