BTS V’s Uses His Creativity To Prove He Will Be An Amazing Dad In The Future

It’s enough to melt any ARMYs’ heart!

When it comes to the members of BTS, they always gain praise for their interactions with children, and it’s enough to melt your heart. Particularly, member V has always had a soft spot for children…

Whether he is working with them or just taking adorable selfies, ARMYs have always seen V light up whenever he is around them and it’s enough to send you into a meltdown.

Recently, V gave ARMY true proof that he will be the best father in the future after the newest video of BTS LAND was released with V and Jungkook. During the video, the members had to create their own terrarium.

| @Sv__________v2/Twitter

As expected, the two youngest members quickly got into the task and used their creativity to make something beautiful.

| @Sv__________v2/Twitter
| @Sv__________v2/Twitter

When it came to explaining the concept behind their terrarium designs, V’s answer was more than enough to melt ARMYs’ hearts. It seemed like V designed it with his future in mind and had everything planned already.

So this is a representation of my future. This big bear here is me and this [little] bear is my future son. I’m thinking of living in the North Pole in the future. 

— V

| @Sv__________v2/Twitter

It got even cuter when V started to describe why he had made the terrarium look the way it did and what he plans to do in the future with his son, explaining that it was the reason he called the piece “Dad and I.”

I imagined living in a place with beautiful scenery like the North Pole. I would be looking at the palm trees and seashells while playing and having fun with my son.

— V

| @Sv__________v2/Twitter
| @Sv__________v2/Twitter

Yet, it isn’t the first time V has proved he will be the perfect father.

An ARMY recently asked RM on Weverse if he still feels excited for Children’s Day. Yet, it seems like even though he is an adult, V jumped in and responded in his own way and showcased that he really thinks about the core message of the occasion.

ARMY: Even though I’m just an adult, my heart flutters whenever it’s Children’s Day. Is Namjoon-sseu like this too?

V: What gifts did you buy for your nieces/nephews?

| Weverse

He also commented on a video from choreographer Son Sung Deuk on his Instagram post of two children. After seeing the post, V couldn’t hold in his love for kids and expressed his emotions through some very adorable emoticons.

| @sonsungdeuk/Instagram

There is no denying that one day, V will make an amazing father and will always make sure that his children are treated in the best way possible.

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