Here’s Proof That BTS’s V Will Be The Best Dad One Day

His new posts show just how much he loves kids!

Everyone knows that BTS‘s V has the cutest soft spot for kids!

Whether he’s working with children or has the opportunity to meet a young fan, ARMY love to see V’s eyes light up around them.

When an ARMY recently asked RM on Weverse if he still feels excited for Children’s Day, despite being an adult, V jumped in and responded in his own way.

ARMY: Even though I’m just an adult, my heart flutters whenever it’s Children’s Day. Is Namjoon-sseu like this too?

V: What gifts did you buy for your nieces/nephews?

| Weverse

Perhaps V is looking for ideas for the children in his life, like Choreographer Son Sungdeuk‘s son!

Commenting on his recent Instagram post of two babies greeting Sungdeuk at the airport, V couldn’t hold in his love for kids.

In real life, V is just as obsessed with him — and ARMY love watching him act so cute!

One day, V will make such a loving and thoughtful father when he has kids of his own!