BTS’s V Transformed From A Good Boy Into A Bad Boy In Just 3 Minutes

Talk about duality!

Looks like BTS‘s good boy, V, is stepping to the bad side!

V from BTS | @jeon_eloi/Twitter

BTS recently did a WIRED Autocomplete Interview in a video titled “BTS Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions” on WIRED’s YouTube channel.

| WIRED/YouTube

One of the most searched questions that BTS had to answer was “how BTS introduce themselves.” BTS did their group greeting, and then each member introduced himself.

“Hello, we are BTS!” | WIRED/YouTube

When it was his turn to introduce himself, V said “My name is V, I’m a good boy.”

V is no stranger to being a good boy! During a 2019 interview with Stephen Colbert, he introduced himself in a similar manner.

“Hi guys, my name is V. I’m a good boy.” | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube

Although V introduced himself as a good boy at the start of the WIRED Autocomplete Interview, he decided he’s a bad boy just three minutes later!

| @cutetaeful/Twitter

BTS answered the question “Is BTS nice?” and after RM and Jin joked that they were bad boys, V joined in by saying he’s a bad boy, too.

“Yes, I’m a bad boy.” | WIRED/Twitter

ARMY noticed just how quickly V transformed from a good boy into a bad boy and thought it was hilarious.

Check out BTS’s full WIRED Autocomplete Interview below!





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