BTS’s V Has The Absolute Best Reaction To An ARMY Asking About The Vibe Of His “KTH1” Mixtape

V is so funny! 😂💜

BTS‘s V is one mysterious man!

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Fans have been waiting for BTS V’s solo mixtape, and he has shared spoilers for some of the songs he has been working on multiple times on Instagram and Twitter. Unfortunately, he revealed that he deleted quite a few of the songs he recorded.

| @thv/Instagram

However, V did reassure fans that his mixtape would be released by the end of the year. ARMYs are patiently waiting for V’s mixtape, but they are looking for hints about what they can expect from KTH1. V loves jazz music, so many fans have guessed that his mixtape will be influenced by jazz. Recently, jazz musician Jon Batiste revealed that he has been talking to V, so fans are even more certain that V’s mixtape will include elements of jazz.

| @thv/Instagram

An ARMY asked V on Weverse what the vibe of his mixtape would be. Although V responded to the ARMY, his response left fans with more questions than answers!

| BTS/Weverse
  • ARMY: What kind of vibes will the mixtape be? Ballads? Jazz?
  • V: Call me the “Gifted Golf Student Kim Taehyung” from now on. I mean it.
| @thv/Instagram

Although V didn’t offer any hints about his mixtape, ARMYs found his response hilarious!


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