BTS’s V Was Vibing So Hard A “2021 AMAs” Performer Walked Off Stage To Meet Him

V is a whole vibe💜

BTS‘s V is a whole vibe!

BTS’s V | @comfortzayung/Twitter

BTS owned the 2021 American Music Awards, and they had a great time doing it, especially V. He was spotted vibing with the rest of the group to many performances during the award show.

| @BTS_IndoTrans/Twitter

ARMYs watching in the audience and at home loved seeing BTS enjoying themselves at the award show, and apparently, their fellow performers did, too!

| @Wild949/Twitter

R&B singer and songwriter Givēon performed his song “Heartbreak Anniversary” during the 2021 AMAs.

| Givēon/YouTube

A fancam from the performance showed that V was totally feeling the performance! He was swaying in his seat as he watched.

| @aritanism/Twitter

Givēon apparently saw V vibing to his performance.

As he made his way down the stage’s catwalk, Givēon veered toward the audience. In the corner of the video, you can see V swaying in his seat and clapping his hands.

Givēon delighted ARMYs by stepping off the stage and extending his hand to V for a handshake! V stood up from his seat and happily shook his fellow singer’s hand.

As he walked back to the stage to finish his performance, Givēon put his hand over his heart to show how grateful he was for V’s support. He also bowed to V before making his way back on stage.

A fan filmed V’s reaction to the handshake, and he was all smiles after meeting Givēon. He kept vibing to the music and laughed at the unexpected chance to meet Givēon with Jimin.

| @yearbts/Twitter