BTS’s V Is Going Viral For His Unexpected Collaboration With A-List Actor Jackie Chan — Debunks “Edited” Allegations

It’s the collaboration nobody expected, but we all need!

BTS‘s V is going viral for his unexpected collaboration with an A-List actor.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

In March 2023, it was announced that BTS’s V was the newest ambassador for SimInvest, one of Indonesia’s biggest financing advisory firms.

After the announcement, he did several events and even after enlisting in the military at the end of 2023, V has continued to showcase his influence with an unexpected viral collaboration.

On March 1 (KST), SimInvest released a new video with V. The idol looked extremely handsome in a red suit and his English was truly eloquent.

V even showcased more diverse looks, whether they were sporty or suave.

All of a sudden, the scene moved to V sat at a table. Out of nowhere, the camera turned, and global A-List actor Jackie Chan was there, confirming that it was his voice accompanying V’s during the video.

The final two scenes saw BTS’s V and Jackie Chan just having fun and living their best lives.



When the video was shared, it instantly went viral, and fans from across the world couldn’t get over the unexpected collaboration V had with Jackie Chan.


In particular, sometimes K-Pop idols will collaborate with other stars, but due to busy schedules, the parts are filmed separately but then edited together. Yet, V’s Instagram update after the trailer was released proved otherwise, as he and Jackie Chan had the cutest interactions.

Even netizens loved that he was quick to debunk the “edited” allegations.

It is definitely a truly iconic collaboration and the perfect way to make ARMYs smile while the members are enlisted.

Source: SimInvest


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