BTS V’s Viral Touching Gesture Towards A Dog He Met On “Jinny’s Kitchen” Reportedly Never Happened

An insider of the show clarified what really happened.

Earlier we reported that BTS’s V was the one who had helped Perro.

Previous reports stating that BTS‘s V had treated and cared for a dog that he met in Jinny’s Kitchen are reportedly false.

V | Vogue Singapore

On May 2, BTS’s V went viral after it was reported that he had helped a dog that he met on Jinny’s Kitchen. The variety show Jinny’s Kitchen followed Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yu Mi, Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Sik, and BTS‘s V as they set up a small snack shop in Mexico.

Poster for Jinny’s Kitchen | tvN

During the filming of the show, the cast became close to Perro, a dog that accompanied the cast during the show. The dog, who suddenly showed up during filming, quickly ingratiated himself with the cast and audiences, eventually becoming an honorary staff member of the restaurant.

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According to earlier reports, BTS’s V, who had a special relationship with the dog, took care of it even after filming ended. On May 2, an earlier news report stated that the idol had accompanied one of the local Mexican staff members during the process of officially adopting the dog. It’s reported that not only did the idol check to make sure that the dog’s paws were okay, but that he took the dog to a vet to get its vaccines.

V, who is a dog owner himself, even posted a picture of Perro to express how much he missed it but has never revealed the acts of kindness that he showed to the dog.

Photo of Perro | My Daily

According to reports, V’s kind gesture only became known after it went viral on Twitter.

Netizens were touched by the idol’s kind act and praised him for being a beautiful person inside and out.

  • “I see. Animals can also recognize who really likes them. The dog must have known when V fanned him because it was hot and when it slept on V’s foot. The dog seemed to follow V around a lot, I didn’t know he had injured his leg, ㅠ. V is such an angel. I’m so glad that the dog was adopted and I hope he is happy.”
  • “What a beautiful person. I was worried about Perro, so I am glad that he was adopted. Please be healthy.”
  • “I was touched when he fanned the dog, and the dog really seemed to like it.”
  • “This is so touching, ㅠ.”
  • “Wow this is so touching, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “Even after the last order, V made chicken or hotdogs for fans. The fans verified this.”
  • “It’s so like him to love and share quietly. I love you today also, V.”

Ilgan Sports, however, would later report that it wasn’t BTS’s V who had cared for the dog but a staff member of the show. According to the report, the person who had cared for the dog wasn’t the idol but one of the show’s staff members who operated the drone camera.

Thank you for your interest in Perro. The person who helped Perro is a staff of Jinny’s Kitchen.

— Insider

It seems the dog had become close with both the castmates and the show’s production team. What a lucky dog!




Source: nate pann and my daily


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