BTS’s V Drank Vodka For The First Time During His Trip To Hawaii, And He Shared His Hilarious Reaction With ARMYs

V is definitely living his best life!

After months of busy schedules and non-stop work, BTS has finally been given some time off. HYBE announced that the members would have an extended vacation after their time in America for the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows in LA and more.

Luckily, if fans thought they’d have no updates from the group, they were definitely wrong. After creating their own Instagram accounts, the members have been sharing what they’ve been doing on their holidays.

Members of BTS in America | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

One person who has loved sharing updates with fans on both Instagram and Weverse is member V. After returning from his trip, V revealed that he had been to Hawaii and thanked ARMYs for being respectful.

BTS’s V in Hawaii | Weverse

V recently shared several images and videos from during his holiday, and he looked like he was living his best life. Some of those included a road trip where V sang along to some classic songs in a very nice-looking car…

| @thv/ Instagram

To just hanging out and even the fun he had with fellow member J-Hope.

| @thv/ Instagram

Yet, a video that caught the attention of fans was posted on V’s story on December 13 (KST). In the video, V is outside in the warm weather and is wearing a beautifully summery flower shirt and a traditional Hawaiin flower necklace, known as lei.

| @thv/ Instagram

Although it seemed like V was just enjoying his holiday, looking at the full video, it shows otherwise. V explained that the video came from the first time he tried the alcoholic drink vodka in the caption.

In the end, V looks at the glass, but it doesn’t really give much away about how he felt about the drink. Luckily, he shared it with the captions as he explained, “I drank a sip and gave it to my dad. It’s bitter, ke. It’s strong, te.”

| @thv/ Instagram

When the story was posted, ARMYs online couldn’t get enough of the video, with some explaining that V had the same reaction as them when it came to drinking vodka and others sharing how happy they were to see V having time with his family.

The videos posted by the members have shown that they finally have some time to just relax and enjoy themselves like people their age should. With a potentially jam-packed 2022 set, which could include a new album and world tour, it is good to see the members resting while they can.

You can read more about V’s time in Hawaii below.

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