BTS’s V Is Anticipating The Group’s Comeback More Than Anyone

2025, come soon!

We all miss BTS, but no one misses them more than BTS!

From left: J-Hope, Jimin, Suga, V, Jin, RM, and Jungkook

Currently, BTS are all focusing on individual activities, such as solo albums, as the members begin to fulfill their mandatory military enlistment.

Previously, they said that we could expect a comeback of some kind in 2025. Until those two years pass, we are patiently waiting.

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Yet, the members are missing BTS the most right now.

BTS’s V recently did an interview of 11 questions with emojis for ELLE KOREA. He would be asked to answer a question with an emoji he thought fit best.

Of course, when asked to describe BTS with an emoji, one comes to our mind immediately: the purple heart emoji.


So, naturally, V picked up the purple heart emoji (along with the mischievous devil emoji), explaining that it’s due to his own coined phrase “Borahae,” meaning “I purple you.”

This expression has been popular among ARMYs. It’s ‘Borahae.’

— V

The question also made V think of and miss the members. He said that he’s anticipating working together as a full group again.

ARMYs and the members are all waiting… with a burning purple heart. There’s no group schedule recently… I’m just waiting for working as a group again.

— V

We are, too, V!

Watch the full video below.

Source: Elle Korea