BTS’s V Is 200% Done With The COVID-19 Pandemic

He’s a mood.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dragged on for two years, and like most of us, BTS‘s is ready to say goodbye to the “new normal.”


Although the world’s wheels are turning again, life is still much different now than it was before 2020. For instance, BTS will soon perform in person again, but it’s uncertain when they will go on tour again.


With so many restrictions still in place, every day can feel the same, even Halloween. This year, V completely forgot about the holiday until J-Hope posted a photo on Weverse.


Wow… Halloween day was yesterday.. ? Raise your hands if you didn’t know…

— V

When a fan asked if there is a costume V would like to try dressing up in, he gave the most hilariously relatable and painfully honest answer.

Everything is meaningless..Just want Corona to end.

— V

What a mood! V isn’t the only BTS member who wants to throw COVID-19 out by the scruff of its neck. RM told COVID-19 to, “get the hell out.” We couldn’t agree more!

Throughout the year, BTS has shared their honest thoughts about the pandemic and their changing world. In an interview with Billboard magazine, for instance, Jimin said transitioning from in-person concerts to online concerts was painful.

It was nerve-wracking when we were waiting for the curtain to rise,  but when we went onstage, there were just a lot of video cameras in the place the audience was supposed to be. I know I should be grateful for the chance to perform at all, but it was painful.

— Jimin

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