BTS’s Latest Campaign Video Has People Talking About One Thing: Drummer Jungkook

We are “Jungshook!”

Whenever BTS releases any new material, it is a huge blessing for ARMYs, who are always treated to a surge of content from the groups. In particular, BTS is known to release many commercials and campaigns in partnership with different organizations.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Recently, BTS released a video with the Seoul city government to promote the city as the group continues to serve as honorary tourism ambassadors for the South Korean capital. The video wants to showcase the message that Seoul does not stop, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The video’s title is “Your Seoul Goes On” and pays homage to the group’s 2020 track “Life Goes On.”

Although ARMYs have fallen in love with the video, one thing particularly stood out to them: Jungkook playing the drums!

In the video, Jungkook is wearing traditional Korean hanbok and showcases his skill and charisma playing to the beat of the background music.

It isn’t the first time that fans have fallen in love with Jungkoom drumming, and the group’s maknae has showcased on more than several occasions just how talented he is on the drums!

In 2021, Jungkook showed off his skills when the group performed their hit track “Dynamite” for the Music On A Mission concert in partnership with MusiCares.


Even back in 2019, Jungkook showcased his diversity as a performer in several BANGTAN BOMB videos. Whether on a small scale or a proper set, there is no denying that Jungkook looks at home when he’s playing the drums!


After the video was released, fans flocked to social media and couldn’t get enough of seeing the return of Drummer Jungkook!

As always, Jungkook manages to capture the hearts of ARMYs worldwide in less than ten seconds, but it proves just how much charisma he has! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: VisitSeoul TV