Everything You Need To Know About BTS’s Upcoming US Appearances

Big Hit Entertainment has released an official statement.

BTS is taking over the month of August with their comeback promotions, and some of these promotions are scheduled to take place in the United States.

On August 21, BTS will release their all-English comeback track “Dynamite”. On the same day, they will be interviewed on MTV‘s Fresh Out Live at 5:00 PM (EST).

Another interview will take place on NBC‘s Today Show on August 24 at 8:00 AM (EST).

Then BTS will wrap up the month with MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAs) on August 30 at 8:00 PM (EST). Here BTS will perform at the VMAs for the first time with their debut “Dynamite” stage.

| MTV/Vma.com

With travel restrictions and social distancing still in place for COVID-19, what does this mean for BTS’s US promotions? According to Sports Kyunghyang news, these schedules will all be in “ontact” format.

On August 5, Big Hit Entertainment released the following statement.

The stage for BTS’s new song “Dynamite” and related videos for MTV will be replaced by video transmissions filmed in Korea. In addition, BTS’s appearances on US broadcasts, including the TODAY Show, are also being done in Korea.

See BTS’s August schedule here:

BTS To Perform At MTV’s “Video Music Awards” (VMA) For The First Time

Source: Sports Kyunghyang