BTS Chooses Their Top 7 BTS Music Videos Of All Time

They named their favorites, and explained why.

On August 30, BTS will be performing their new song “Dynamite” at MTV‘s Video Music Awards (VMAs). In a new interview with MTV News, BTS were asked to choose their Top 7 BTS music videos of all time. Here’s what they picked.

1. “EPILOGUE: Young Forever” MV

Jin chose the first MV on BTS’s list by saying, “I like Young Forever.”

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This emotionally charged MV is about breaking free from the struggles of youth while also trying to stay “young forever”.

2. “FIRE” MV

SugaJ-Hope, and RM all picked “FIRE” MV for the second spot.

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This high-energy music video came out in 2016, and it captures all the elements of BTS’s early hits: youth, rebellion, and a whole lot of chaotic fun.

3. “RUN” MV

When Jimin asked RM his favorite song, RM chose this one. “I miss running like crazy in the Hangang,” he said.

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“RUN” certainly lives up to its name! BTS spent most of this MV shoot running from set to set, stirring up trouble along the way.

4. “Save Me” MV

J-Hope took a second to consider MV #4. “Hmm. Save Me,” he decided. “It was rough day, but the video turned out really cool.” 

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Shooting this video wasn’t easy for BTS, but they nailed it. Not only was the weather cold and windy, but the video was shot in one take. They had to get every single moment right!

5. “Spring Day” MV

Jimin’s pick is one of ARMY’s top favorites too; he chose the queen of BTS’s discography, “Spring Day”.

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“I like ‘Spring Day’,” he said. The music video delivered the track’s emotions very well. I also just like the song.” 

6. “ON” MV

Most of BTS’s picks are from their earlier years, but is fond of this 2020 sensation.

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“‘ON’ has a soft spot in my heart,” he explained.  “We prepared so much for it, but we still couldn’t show it to our fans in person.” 

7. “‘ON’ Kinetic Manifesto Film : Come Prima”

Like V, Jungkook loves “ON”, but he chose the first MV for it. This film was a large scale production that brought in a large crew of highly skilled dancers who doubled as a marching band.

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“Yes, I love ‘ON’ Kinetic Manifesto Film,” he said. “The performance is awesome and the visuals are really — it was so cool to see the performance near the white dam.”

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