“Medic Jimin” Comes To V’s Rescue With CPR On “Run BTS!” 

He saved the day!

Need a medic? Jimin is here to save the day!


In Episode 130 of Run BTS!BTS continued their long-term project: learning tennis. Although the members made improvements by leaps and bounds, there were plenty of mishaps along the way.


While playing a match, took a hit to the shoulder and fell dramatically to the ground.

As everyone called for a timeout, Suga ran over to V, shouting, “Medic! Medic!”

Say no more! Medic Jimin swooped in, scooped up V in his arms, and carried him off the court for treatment.

Who knew that shoulder injuries require CPR? Jimin pretended to resuscitate V, who laughed and shouted, “Hold on!” 

In conclusion, it’s Vmin’s world. The rest of us just live here!