Jimin Reveals How BTS Reacted To His Trainee-Era Haircut

It was too much for J-Hope and Suga to handle.

After filming Episode 130 of Run BTS!, BTS traded their tennis rackets for chopsticks and went out for dinner at The Plaza. During the meal, Jimin told a funny story about a haircut he got as a trainee.

At the time, asymmetrical hairstyles were a popular choice for K-Pop stars…

Super Junior’s Yesung had an asymmetrical haircut in 2011. | SM Entertainment

…but Jimin’s older members laughed at him when he tried it!

Suga went with Jimin to the hairdressers’, but after he saw the finished product, he avoided eye contact with Jimin and ditched him!

When Jimin showed J-Hope his haircut at their dorm, J-Hope “fainted” from shock!

Jin, ever the skeptic, questioned how a hairstyle could make anyone pass out, but J-Hope explained that it was because the cut drastically changed Jimin’s image.

It’s unclear which hairstyle Jimin was referring to, or if any photos are floating around, but he had a similar hairstyle when he filmed this pre-debut log in February 2013. Watch it here: