BTS V’s Way Of Telling Fans To Be Safe Makes ARMYs Hearts Fuzzy

How can you not fall in love with V?

BTS’s V has done it once again, and ARMYs are all for it.

During the LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF Seoul finale concert, V gave a message to fans to be careful on their way home.

But, being the unique person that he is, he told ARMYs to unite and group together while heading back.



Fans thought his way of thinking was unique and cute. Posts on social media show that V has been using this phrase even back in 2017 to his fans.





Fans have shown that V’s unique and cute way of expressing himself is just another reason to love him.

He even had a small ‘TMI’ talk during the concert where he suddenly felt he had to share that he found a sore in his mouth that he accidentally bit while performing on stage.



Regardless of what he talks about or how he expresses things, it’s always going to melt the hearts of ARMYs.


Source: theqoo