BTS V’s Healing Voice Is Calming Down Children And Babies Around The World

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BTS‘s V is receiving much love from people around the world for his healing voice. Recently, numerous people on social media are posting videos of babies who are experiencing sickness, sadness, or sleepiness listening to V’s songs and calming down.

In this video, baby Aly can only go to sleep if she listens to “4 O’Clock”. It’s been her lullaby since he was a day old and thanks to V’s calm and dreamy vocals, it helps put him to sleep.

American actress Angie Grace also tweeted about her son’s experience with V’s vocal. When she had to bring her child to the emergency room, she played “Scenery” for him, and it helped the kid calm down.

Numerous mothers and family members posted their own stories on social media. One such person is a woman named Terra, who shared how BTS’s V saved her babies life. She states that her kids initially refused to each food and was much smaller than her peers. Her kids never stopped crying when she was being fed. She shared that her child would stop crying if she played the “Singularity” music video, and until now, her kids love listening to that song as well as “Winter Bear.”

The reason why V’s songs are so well-loved by these young kids is because of how soothing they are, with soft bass and rhythm. Also, many agree that they can feel V’s sincere wishes and love through their songs. To throwback to BTS’s time on American Hustle Life, singer Iris Stevenson told V that,

Your voice is very good. Very soulful and people feel something when they listen to your songs. Keep singing like that.

Source: Naver