BTS V’s Passport And Personal Information Allegedly Leaked By YouTuber

The information seemed suspicious.

BTS V‘s alleged passport containing his private information was leaked by a YouTuber. The photo had V’s photo, his birth name, his social identification number, passport number, and more. Reports believe it may have been leaked by a Chinese sasaeng fan due to the markings on the photo.

But reports claim it may have been a simple forgery because the issued date and expiration date seemed suspicious. The dates claimed that the passport was issued on October 2015 and expired on December 2019. Ordinarily, passports are issued with periods ranging from 1, 5, or 10 years – not 4.

Regardless of it being fake or not, BTS fans immediately began reporting the YouTuber’s account and video. The photo was then taken down.

The incident has caused another surge of fans demanding that sasaeng fans stop violating their idols’ privacies and leaking their personal information. V had even personally asked sasaeng fans to stop stalking them just a few months ago.

There have been numerous cases with not only BTS but also other idols where their private information had been compromised.

BigHit Entertainment has yet to make a comment about the incident.

Source: News1 and The Celuv