BTS V’s Shaved Head Shape Shocks Korean Netizens

“A visual created by the gods.”

It’s not every day that a K-Pop idol goes for a buzzcut, but BTS‘s V just did, and the internet is buzzing about it! V, known for his striking looks and style, had to shave his head as part of the preparations for his mandatory military service in South Korea. Unsurprisingly, fans and netizens agree that, even with his new look, V remains a top visual.

V’s usual haircut, pre-enlistment. | @thv/Instagram

This whole buzz started with a “BANGTAN BOMB” vlog that dropped recently. It was an emotional one, showing the enlistment ceremony of members V, RM, Jungkook, and Jimin, as well as their goodbyes to each other. But what really caught everyone’s eye was V’s shaved head. The reaction? A big thumbs-up for his amazing head shape.

| @thv/Instagram

Right after the vlog went live, V started trending all over social media. Korean online communities, especially TheQoo, were filled with posts and discussions about his new look. These posts weren’t just getting a few views — we’re talking thousands, with hundreds of comments pouring in.

| @thv/Instagram
| @thv/Instagram

Netizens were all over the place with their comments (and who can blame them) — from being shocked at how handsome V still looked to praising his perfect head shape. It’s like everyone was agreeing that if anyone could rock a shaved head, it’s V. His smile, his charisma, everything just seemed to shine even more.

| @onthevoyage2/Twitter
| @onthevoyage2/Twitter

What’s cool here is how V turned a simple haircut, which is a part of his military prep, into a whole style statement. It’s rare to see someone get so much positive attention for shaving their head, but then again, V isn’t just anyone. He’s a trendsetter, and this just proves it.

| @onthevoyage2/Twitter
  • What’s up with V? Seriously, how can he be so handsome, even with that haircut?
  • Look at him smiling with the mask on in the fourth picture. He’s smiling with his eyes so kindly. He’s so pretty.
  • Wow, so handsome and beautiful.
  • F*ck, he’s so damn good-looking.
  • True, his head shape is so pretty. He can even rock a brush cut.
  • Wow, even his head shapeㅠㅠ
  • Wow, even his head shape is perfect!!! A visual created by the gods.
| TheQoo

As V steps into this new chapter, his shaved head is a reminder of his commitment and a symbol of a new phase in his life. And judging by the reaction, he’s got plenty of support as he takes this step. You can watch the full “BANGTAN BOMB” episode here:

Source: TheQoo