BTS’s J-Hope Asked A Fan Why They Don’t Have An ARMY Bomb…The Responses Are Hilarious

Breaking news: ARMY is broker than broke.

If you don’t own an official BTS light stick, you might be wanting one after seeing these custom ARMY Bombs!

On April 23, RM and J-Hope decorated light sticks during a live stream with fans, using fabric, flowers, paint, stickers, and a lot of hot glue. They were inspired by the DIY ARMY Bombs fans have made.

The creation process was a bit of a struggle, but in the end, RM and J-Hope’s ARMY Bombs turned out beautifully. In fact, after watching this video, fans who haven’t decorated their ARMY Bombs will probably want to.

Unfortunately, as this hilarious fan pointed out on Weverse, not every ARMY owns an ARMY Bomb.

“hehehehehehehehehehe ㅠㅠㅠ Why don’t you have an army bomb~ ㅠㅠ,” J-Hope asked. ARMYs responded with the cold, hard truth.

Breaking news! After buying memberships, concert tickets, merch, exclusive content, and albums ARMY is broke.

Like, really, really broke.

ARMYs already knew this, of course, so this was just insult to injury!

If you’re part of the broke ARMY club (and who isn’t?), here are a couple DIY ideas:

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