BTS Will Not Be Able To Participate In Michael Jackson’s Tribute Project

“Whatever the boys decide, as a fan I will forever support.”

When Jerry Greenberg, the former CEO of MJJ Music which served as Michael Jackson’s record label, uploaded a “project teaser” on the YouTube channel for 7SIX9 Entertainment where he is currently the chairman, mentioning BTS having been invited to participate in a Michael Jackson tribute song, ARMYs got quite excited at the what sounds to be an internationally large-scale project.

Michael Jackson’s Former Boss Invites BTS and Luhan to Participate in the Legend’s 60th Birthday Tribute


Big Hit Entertainment confirmed that BTS did indeed receive the invitation.

“BTS received an invitation to take part in Michael Jackson’s tribute song. It has been a great honor to receive such an invitation.”

— Big Hit Entertainment


The agency claimed, due to schedule conflicts, BTS will not be able to take part in the tribute project.

“Unfortunately, BTS has an album releasing soon and also a world tour starting soon. Because of such conflicts in the schedule, it won’t be possible for the group to participate.”

— Big Hit Entertainment


Some ARMYs are rather relieved, however, that BTS won’t be joining the project. Some eagle-eyed fans discovered that 7SIX9 Entertainment is actually a new Korean company, located in Korea, with the intent to take K-Pop global. Hence, ARMYs aren’t convinced that the “Michael Jackson tribute project” is official or legitimate.


ARMYs remain supportive of Big Hit Entertainment’s decision and continue to show love for BTS boys who are about to make history again, with the new album and the sold out world tour!

  • “Please don’t overwork them. I wish the boys the best on their tour!”

  • “I know for a fact that BTS boys try their best to keep ARMYs happy by packing their schedules. It’s okay the project didn’t work.”

  • “Wow… look at the scales we’re talking here. They turned down Michael Jackson for a mega-size World Tour. I’m so beyond proud right now. I stan ultra super stars.”

  • “I love how none of this shook BTS. The boys will go about what they planned to do.”

  • “This made me see just how global and influential BTS has become all over the world. Whatever the boys decide, as a fan I will forever support.”
Source: OSEN