Following Their Hit “BTS Meal,” BTS Reveals If They Even Eat McDonald’s

They had different answers!

The “BTS Meal” from McDonald’s can thank BTS for its huge success, but do the boys themselves even eat McDonald’s to begin with?

In an interview with WIRED, they revealed their answer to the question, “Does BTS eat McDonald’s?

RM was the first to speak up, and he energetically shouted, “Hell yeah, Big Mac,” referring to the classic burger from the restaurant.

Rather than address the question, Jin casually informed his members that a McDonald’s branch from the Itaewon district is now accepting deliveries.

They now deliver from the Itaewon one.

— Jin

Surprisingly, Suga honestly answered that he hasn’t eaten from the fast food chain in quite some time.

It’s been a while.

— Suga

In contrast, Jimin shared that he eats it often. “I eat a lot of it.

V, on the other hand, simply noted that their meal is no longer available.

The BTS meal is gone now.

— V

Before moving on to the next question, RM revealed another one of his favorite burgers from McDonald’s—the McChicken!

To see BTS answer more questions, check out the full interview below.

Source: WIRED