“BTS WORLD” Actress Lee Han Seo Is Living Her Best Life With BTS

She shared behind the scenes photos from BTS WORLD.

If anybody saved a country in their past life, it’s Lee Han Seo. How else can you explain her incredibly good fortune?


This adorable child actress is only 10 years old, but she’s already been in over 15 movies and K-Dramas, including Goblin, I’m Not a Robot, and Fight My Way. Many ARMYs, however, were introduced to Lee Han Seo through BTS’s new mobile game, BTS WORLD. 


In BTS WORLD, Lee Han Seo is Areum, a sweet little girl who forms a bond with Jin, the handsome hotelier in “Another Story”.


Players have fallen in love with their scenes, and would love to see Jin and Lee Han Seo star in a drama together.


On July 3, Lee Han Seo posted the following message to her Instagram, along with a series of cute photos with BTS.

We’ve waited so long for Netmarble BTS World~ It’s finally here!!! If you’re curious about Han Seo’s baby-baby image and BTS’s awesomeness, go play the game^^

Han Seo filmed with the gentle and handsome Jin (Kim Seok Jin)~~~

Thank you to the director and assistant director who allowed me to spend a dream-like moment with BTS!!!



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Here she is with each BTS member. Try not to feel jealous!


If you won that “try not to feel jealous challenge”, get ready for round 2! Lee Han Seo has an amazing gift for meeting the most handsome men on the planet. Here she is with even more gorgeous celebs!