BTS Discuss The Behind The Scenes Making Of “BTS WORLD”

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of BTS’s mobile game.

BTS is taking players behind the scenes of their megapopular mobile game, BTS WORLD.


In BTS WORLD, players go back in time to 2012 to find the vanished BTS members and re-debut them. The game is full of new photos, voice clips, videos, and more, that were specifically created for BTS WORLD as early as 2017.


On July 12, Netmarble dropped The Making of BTS WORLD, a behind the scenes video about the game’s creation process.


Each other members provided snippets of info about the game and expressed their excitement for the finished product.


RM said that the members’ quirks were worked into this well-researched game. This has made some fans think of Suga‘s character, “Yunki”, who gave players nothing but attitude in the early chapters of BTS WORLD!


Although the game is a fictionalized story about BTS in an alternate reality, the game makers strove to stay true to BTS’s real personalities and charms.


The members asked Manager ARMYs to raise BTS well, and Jungkook encouraged everyone to reach the game’s highest level.


Check out the whole video here: