Suga’s Alter Ego “Yunki” Is Actually The Antagonist In “BTS WORLD”

This BTS WORLD character is driving everyone insane.

Thousands of ARMYs are ready to pull out their hair right now, and it’s all because of “Yunki“.


Yunki is the fictionalized version of Suga (Min Yoongi) in BTS‘s new mobile game, BTS WORLD. In the game, a magical concert ticket sends players back in time to 2012 to re-form BTS as BTS’s “managers”. Some of the members have turned out to be much, much easier to manage than others.


Fans adore the real Suga, but many are ready to boot “Yunki” right out of the group. The whole hyung line has given players nothing but attitude so far, but Yunki is the most rebellious one of all!


Yunki opposes whatever Manager ARMYs say, criticizing everything from their qualifications to their opinions.


If the “S” in Suga stands for “savage” then the “Y” in Yunki stands for “your worst nightmare”. This Music Academy student is 50% musical genius and 50% sass.


Don’t even get us started on the group name! “Bangtan Boys”? Yunki’s not having it.


It’s only been a day since BTS WORLD launched, but players are already cracking under the stress caused by Yunki’s “bullying”.


As the story progresses though, players are hoping to melt this tsundere’s cold, black heart!