BTS’s Rap Line Is Giving ARMYs Nothing But Attitude In “BTS WORLD”

Managing Suga, RM, and J-Hope is giving BTS WORLD players a massive headache.

ARMYs are trying to be the best BTS WORLD managers they can be, but BTS‘s rap line is making them want to quit. ASAP.


On June 26, Netmarble released BTS’s highly anticipated mobile game, BTS WORLD. In it, players are tasked with managing BTS from pre-debut to global superstardom. Within hours of playing, “Manager ARMYs” tweeted out their stress on Twitter.


SugaRM, and J-Hope are really testing their managers’ patience. First of all, they criticize their managers’ qualifications and “work”.


Secondly, they’re making poor, sweet Jimin cry.


Thirdly, and most importantly, they are 100% against being called “Bangtan Boys”.


If anybody’s out to make Manager ARMYs quit, it’s Suga. His rebellious attitude, constant arguing, and pure savagery is too much to handle.


It’s all in good fun though! ARMYs are loving BTS WORLD and all its hilariously stressful challenges.