BTS Revealed to Have Made over 150 Million Dollars from Their 6-Month World Tour

They’re killing it!

It has just been revealed that BTS earned 200 billion won (~$170 million US) from their 6-month world tour, and fans can’t help but be shocked by the numbers.

BTS began their “LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF” world tour last May, and according to BigHit Entertainment, they performed in front of a million fans all over the world.

The tour consisted of 20 concerts that took place in 10 cities in 7 different countries, and considering the fact that each concert was visited by around 50,000 fans, perhaps the number isn’t so surprising.

Last June, Poll Star revealed that BTS hit 90 billion won (~$75 million US) in sales by their 12th concert.

If that’s correct, BTS concerts are estimated to make around 7.5 billion won (~$6.5 million USD) per show, making their final sales figure around 150 billion won (~$125 million USD) for all of their shows.

And with pop-up stores and fan merchandise sales taken into account, it is estimated that BTS made sales of around 200 billion won (~$170 million USD) in just 6 months.

Sure, that’s not all their money to take home, but they’re still absolute beasts!

Source: Insight