BTS YouTube Stats Prove How Global They Are

BTS are beloved around the world.

BTS are a global brand these days and are dominant on social media and streaming platforms like YouTube. But which countries are the most taken with Bangtan? These are the YouTube streaming stats for the year of 2018.

These are the countries which streamed BTS music videos the most on YouTube in 2018. Predictably, the US is in first place as BTS have really exploded over there as a music act in recent years.

Mexican and South American ARMYs are also coming out in force on the platform. You can see how hot the crowd was for BTS when they performed at KCON in Mexico City.

Other South American countries like Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador are also clearly enamoured with the group.

What’s really interesting is how much of a presence ARMY has in Southeast Asia. Indonesian and Vietnamese ARMYs are streaming a lot of their music. Here is a fancam of BTS performing “Spring Day” in Jakarta.

The rest of Southeast Asia are no slouches either, with the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia all streaming BTS music videos over 100 million times.

And obviously we know how big BTS are in Japan. They’ve sold out stadiums there and release music videos in Japanese such as the Japanese version of “Blood, Sweat & Tears” above.

Despite having alternative streaming platforms, BTS still do incredibly well on YouTube in their home country.

European ARMYs shouldn’t be discounted either. Turkey, RussiaGermanyUnited Kingdom and France all made the top 20.

When looking at specific cities, Southeast Asia dominate with the top 3 consisting of Jakarta, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City.

The top songs streamed on YouTube in 2018 were predictably their 2018 singles “Fake Love” and “Idol”. Interestingly, “Anpanman” which doesn’t have a music video still amassed 181 million streams, very impressive! It’s been a fantastic year for BTS on the platform, so here’s to a great 2019!

Source: YouTube