Marvel Or Harry Potter? BTS Chooses Which Universe They Would Rather Live In

Are they superheroes or wizards?

Would you rather live in the magical world of Harry Potter or join Marvel‘s superpowered MCU? BTS answered this question during a Zoom call with ARMY!


Recently, 200 ARMYs joined BTS for an exclusive Zoom call in four groups of 50. The members told stories, shared updates, and more. When asked about Harry Potter vs the Marvel Cinematic Universe, BTS’s opinions were divided.

Jin chose Harry Potter, for survival purposes. “In my opinion, Harry Potter would be better because in Marvel you die for no reason.” Nobody can argue with that logic, right?

RM pointed out that Marvel has many powerful characters to choose from, but in the end, he jumped aboard the Hogwarts Express too.

RM | HYBE/Facebook

As many fans know, Jungkook is a huge Iron Man fan, so it’s no surprise that he chose the MCU at first. This Golden Wizard, however, changed his mind faster than you can say, “Wingardium Leviosa!” “I want to choose Harry Potter too,” he said.

J-Hope is a Hogwarts grad who loves to visit his alma mater. In the winter, he said, he always wants to rewatch the Harry Potter movies.

Is Jimin a wizard or a superhero? urged him to join their Bangtan House at Hogwarts, but Jimin had to give it some thought.

“Ah, it’s hard for me…” he said. “I’m a really big fan of both of them, and I’ve watched Harry Potter since I was young.”

Speaking of the Harry Potter movies, Suga has only seen the first one. Shocker!

Suga: I’ve only seen the first one.

Jimin: Really?

— Suga and Jimin, BTS’s Zoom call

The icing on the magical cake was Jin reciting this iconic Harry Potter quote!

Is ARMY Team Marvel or Team Potter? In the comments, one fan wrote that they want to join the BTS Universe instead. You can’t go wrong with that choice!