BTS’s J-Hope Might Have Spoiled His Upcoming Collab With Crush—Multiple Times

A never-ending saga of BTS sneaking up on ARMYs.

Soloist Crush just announced his upcoming track “Rush Hour,” which will feature BTS‘s J-Hope, and fans couldn’t be more excited. But amidst the hype, some ARMYs realized that they once again missed out on the obvious hints the BTS member had dropped months before the official announcement.

The two have interacted quite a lot on camera since the release of J-Hope’s solo album Jack In The Box. After the album’s release, Crush posted multiple stories praising different tracks.

J-Hope received a signed copy of From Midnight To Sunrise album from Crush and recently showed support on his comeback announcement post on Instagram. Back in 2021, he also recommended Crush’s song “Lay Your Head On Me” on Melon station.

Though some of these recent interactions can be deemed hints of the upcoming collab, they are still vague enough to justify why ARMYs might not have caught on. But one hint, in particular, made fans feel like Dora the Explorer for missing out on the obvious.

When Crush shared an Instagram story of him listening to “More” from Jack In The Box, J-Hope reposted it with the caption “More with Crush.” ARMYs cannot but feel like a clown for missing out on a glaring spoiler like this.

But all’s well that ends well, and in this case, the saga ends with an exciting track from two very talented artists. “Rush Hour feat. J-Hope” drops on September 22, 6 PM KST.