BTS’s Jin Provides A Significant Bump In Viewership Ratings For “Running Man,” Proving The Superstar’s Influence Is Stronger Than Ever

Numbers don’t lie.

SBS‘s Running Man saw a boost in its viewership rating thanks to BTS Jin‘s latest appearance on the program.

The show’s ratings for the November 6 episode, which saw the international superstar make an appearance, saw ratings rise to 4.8%.

Ratings for Running Man episode per week | Naver

The numbers reflect a boost from the previous week’s 3.3%. The teaser for the episode alone was watched 900K times and received over 2K comments.

| YouTube

The boost in ratings was not lost on netizens, who were in awe at the ratings boost Jin provided the show.

Top: Ji Suk Jin (left) and BTS’s Jin (right) Bottom: Kim Jong Kook (left) and Yoo Jae Suk (second to left) | SBS

In a viral post, a netizen wrote how impressive the rating boost was, considering that the bump was provided by only one member of BTS.

It’s not like the whole group appeared, but Jin alone was a guest, and the ratings still jumped. The numbers for his solo album sales in  America and Europe haven’t been revealed yet, but his album has surpassed 770K sales and will surpass a million this year. He has also charted in the top 20 on music charts that boy groups have been struggling with. Last week’s music shows were canceled, but he was expected to place first and is expected to win this week’s M Countdown. RM’s solo album drops this November 25. Please check it out.

— Netizen

Fellow netizens also praised Jin’s solo endeavors and celebrated the idol’s strong showing in the ratings.

  • “Even non-fans must have been tuned in, considering the hype and the episode’s ratings. It’s amazing. Every program Jin has featured on has blown up on YouTube. Jin’s episode on Park Myung Soo‘s YouTube show will probably go viral as well.”
  • “Japan also ships albums after the first week of its release, and it has sold over 100K. In Korea, after the first week, 12K albums were sold.”
  • “BTS really is the best.”
  • “Even I, who haven’t watched a Running Man episode in years, watched the episode.”
  • “The member’s individual activities have been great so far. I’m really looking forward to Namjoon on The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge.”

BTS’s Jin is continuing to bless to K-Pop industry with his solo endeavors. The artist recently released his solo effort, The Astronaut, to much acclaim. Check out the music video for “The Astronaut” in the link below!

Source: News1 and Nate Pann


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