BTS’s Jungkook Performed His Solo Part In The Dark Even Though The Pre-Recorded Video Was Playing

Jungkook went out of his way for ARMYs.

BTS’s performances at the 2019 Melon Music Awards were truly one to remember for this year. The members’ solo stages, however, were on a different level. From clean-cut dance breaks to whimsical dances, the group truly made an effort to bring something new to the table.

Jungkook’s fantastic performance in the water was a pre-recording because it would have been hard to get ready for the next live performance. Even though the performance itself was amazing just from watching it on the screen, Jungkook went out of his way to dance it live in the corner while the pre-recording was playing on the screen. He wanted to show fans the dance live as well, so he danced his part in the corner in the dark just for ARMYs.



Fans were so touched by his actions because he didn’t have to do it. Fans got emotional after seeing how hard-working and passionate he was about it.










Take a look at the pre-recorded performance below!

Source: nate pann