Gallant, Eric Nam, and Tablo showed their vocal talents in this cover of BTS’s “Save Me”

BTS received a bit of recognition after Gallant, Eric Nam and Tablo covered parts of their track on a recent radio appearance. 

Recently, Gallant, Eric Nam and Tablo started promotions for their track “Cave Me In” and were guests on MelOn Radio. The three artists participated in a short interview and a game on the radio program. They sang BTS’s “Save Me” during this game and their own rendition became an instant hit for their fans. The fact that the cover was sung without any background vocals or music proved Eric Nam and Gallant’s raw vocal talents.

It was later discovered that BTS also showed their support for “Cave Me In” when it was first released. The group promoted the track on their official Twitter account and caught the attention of Eric Nam.

Gallant, Eric Nam, and Tablo recently created a dream track for both international and K-Pop fans with their collaboration, “Cave Me In.” The music video was shot in Hong Kong and released on January 26

Should Gallant, Eric Nam, and Tablo release a full cover of “Save Me”? Relive BTS’s original track below. 

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