BTS’s Updates Has ARMY Uncontrollably Hyped For The Grammys

It’s actually happening.

It’s actually happening ARMY. BTS is going to the Grammy awards this weekend and is confirmed to be presenting an award. Just in case you needed further confirmation, the boys have been posting pictures of their flight to Los Angeles and something extra special has been revealed about Suga.

J-Hope was the first to post an update and his caption started the hype snowball for ARMY. He also showed off every member which made ARMY especially happy.

The two idols born in the year of the golden pig were up next. They celebrated the year of their births with some cute pig filters. V is rocking a mint green hairstyle and Jimin has gone blonde. Their caption reads “We’ll be back”.

RM bid farewell to Korea with a short and sweet “We’re off”. He has the silver hair again which has ARMY shook.

V finished the flurry of posts with some stunning selfies with Jimin, J-Hope and RM. His caption read “Thank you for giving us a present we’ll never forget”.

Some airport photos have emerged that reveal something about Suga that has all ARMYs excited. He even started trending as a result. Suga may be going blonde for their appearance at the Grammys.

Suga’s new look and BTS just going to the Grammys, in general, has ARMYs everywhere uncontrollably hyped.

It’s going to be an exciting event. BTS will be sitting next to some talented Western artists and who knows what they could get up to in LA.


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