BTS’s V Can Recreate A Famous Movie Scene In A Sweatshirt And Slippers

V is known to be an artist that enjoys all types of music.

On November 9, BTS posted an episode of Bangtan Bomb on their YouTube channel and revealed a scene of V playing the piano with his feet.

This scene is part of a clip of the group visiting the BTS pop-up store that has a large piano installed on the floor that seemed to also be seen in their “Boy with Luv” music video.




Various foreign press and media also released news of V playing a classical piece titled “Celebrated Chop Waltz” with his feet on the floor piano.




Fans even posted a side by side video to show how talented he was at playing the song.




V is seen wearing a comfy sweatshirt and slippers while playing this classical number with his feet by jumping around with his fists together. This short 1 minute scene had fans swooning over his piano performance.

V seemed to really enjoy this piano piece in particular and could be seen playing it on several occasions.





This piano clip also seemed to be a movie reference to the 1988 movie “BIG” featuring Tom Hanks.





Although V did not officially learn piano, he spent his younger days learning the saxophone.

His dream in middle school was to become a saxophonist and won awards at competitions. He is known to be an artist that enjoys all ranges of music from classical to hip-hop.

Take a look at the full video below!

Source: segye


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