Here’s How BTS’s V Has Been Showing His Love For Coldplay’s Guy Berryman Through His Outfits

We’ll never get enough of ColdTan!

In case you forgot just how much BTS and Coldplay respect and appreciate each other, V is here to remind you through some of his latest fashion choices!

BTS and Coldplay | @coldplay/Instagram

Ever since they collaborated on the song “My Universe,” the members of both groups have not stopped gushing about each other. All the BTS members and Coldplay members genuinely seem to enjoy each others’ company and to respect each others’ artistry.

| @coldplay/Instagram

While the Coldplay members are collectively known for their music, bassist Guy Berryman is also the creative director of his own clothing line, Applied Art Forms.

Guy Berryman | @guyberryman/Instagram

Guy Berryman is very passionate about architecture, design, engineering, and utility clothing, and the clothes he designs are inspired by his own personal collection of military and utilitarian clothing.

| @appliedartforms/Instagram

Like Guy Berryman, V has a variety of interests, including fashion! Lately, he’s been spotted in clothing from Applied Art Forms, which shows just how much he admires what Guy Berryman is doing with his clothing line.

V | BTS/Weverse

V wore the AM2-1B Liner Coat from Applied Art Forms when he visited his birthday events that ARMY set up.

| @thv/Instagram

He wore the AM2-1C Webbing-Trimmed Nylon Padded Gilet in a selfie he took with RM.

RM and V | @rkive/Instagram

Looks like V loves Guy Berryman’s designs just as much as he loves Coldplay’s music!