Coldplay’s Chris Martin Can’t Stop Gushing About What It Was Like Working With BTS On “My Universe”

He also shared how much BTS means to him!

Despite being two different groups, BTS and Coldplay made waves in 2021 after the release of their collaboration track “My Universe”  From showcasing the process of creating the track to their live performances, netizens quickly fell in love with the friendship between the members.

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Even though it has been a few months since the track was released, it seems as if Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin still isn’t afraid to share his love and admiration for the group.

Ahead of his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a clip was released of Chris Martin talking about the future of the group and, particularly, their collaboration with BTS.

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During the video, Chris Martin touched upon how the collaboration came about because someone told him that BTS wanted to do a track with him.

At the time, I thought, ‘That’s never going to work. Ever. How are we going to fit these two things together?’ Then the idea started to seem really attractive in its weirdness.

— Chris Martin

| TheEllenShow/ YouTube 

| TheEllenShow/ YouTube 

Then, it seemed as if the process was natural as Chris Martin found the perfect song that he knew had to be a collaboration between the two groups. Yet, although he joked that their picture together looked as if Coldplay were the members’ gym teachers…

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He had nothing but kind words to say, adding, “We love them.”

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For him, this love was natural, and despite people’s views that it was going to be artificial or they wouldn’t feel the chemistry between all the members, Chris Martin explained that they couldn’t have been more wrong.

For something that could seem so artificial, it turned out to be one of the most real feelings. I genuinely love those people.

— Chris Martin

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It seems as if as warm Chris Martin and the members were towards BTS, it was similar for his family. Although he wasn’t exactly sure how his children felt about BTS, it seemed as if they showcased impeccable manners when speaking to their father,

I don’t really know how they feel about the band, except that they’re never mean about it.

— Chris Martin

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Yet, it isn’t the first time Chris Martin’s had nothing but kind words for the group. He revealed that the way BTS works together is “very cool.” In particular, he enjoyed getting to see each different member’s personality as well as “how everyone’s very individual, but they still work as a group.”


Coldplay’s creative director and “5th Member” Phil Harvey also shared his thoughts on the group and just how genuine they are as people and artists.

They were very, very kind. They really are lovely, lovely. The seven of them are so sweet, and their management team is so lovely as well. So it was no big drama, but it was a lot of coordination.

— Phil Harvey

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Hopefully, “My Universe” isn’t the groups’ last time working together. With restrictions slowly easing, fans should be able to watch all the members perform together again sooner rather than later.

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