BTS And Coldplay Prove They Are True Besties Both On And Off Stage During The AMAs

It was a stage worth waiting for!

BTS recently attended the American Music Awards, where they made history by becoming the first Asian act to win the Artist of the Year award. However, it was also a huge event for another reason as the group finally got to perform their collaboration track “My Universe” with Coldplay live!

BTS and Coldplay | @BTS_twt/ Twitter

As expected, the two groups absolutely stole the event showcasing their amazing talent and chemistry in the song. After months of waiting for a live version of the track, it definitely didn’t disappoint, and all the members looked like they were having the time of their lives on stage.

| Coldplay/ YouTube 

Yet, it seems as if the fun went beyond the stage!

Both BTS and Coldplay posted videos on their TikTok accounts after the event to show what happened just before the performance during their warm-up. However, it seems as if it wasn’t just your regular warm-up! In the video, both groups seem to be having the time of their lives.

As the clip starts, all of the BTS members start dancing as Chris Martin‘s voice can be heard. If that wasn’t enough, fans even got to witness Jungkook and V twerking!

Everyone then starts to sing along with Chris and, even though they aren’t on stage yet, the harmonization is perfect as several very distinct voices fill the air but work perfectly together.

If that wasn’t enough, V starts singing along at the end of the video, and Chris Martin proves to be the perfect hype man. Even as V finishes his line, Chris Martin seems as excited as ever and, considering that V is such a huge Coldplay fan, it would have been a huge deal for V!

Even on stage, Coldplay seemed to fit perfectly with BTS, and they had this energy that just screamed major mood! From Chris Martin holding out his hand for V or just jamming to the music, the two groups seem to have this natural chemistry when they perform together.

| Coldplay/ YouTube
| Coldplay/ YouTube 

After the videos were posted, fans online couldn’t get enough of the interactions between the two groups, both on and off stage. As expected, ARMYs loved how much respect the two groups had for each other.

With BTS’s upcoming concert in LA, maybe fans might get treated to another live rendition of the track with Coldplay. After the reaction the two groups got with their collaboration, hopefully, another one might be in the works soon.

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Source: BTS TikTok and Coldplay