Here’s What It Was Really Like Working With BTS On “My Universe,” According To Coldplay’s “5th Member” Phil Harvey

He also spilled on a future live performance!

In September, BTS shocked fans worldwide after collaborating with the British group Coldplay for “My Universe.” With two completely different artists coming together, the track definitely made an impact with music lovers worldwide and, in particular, caught the attention of fans for its space-themed concept and attention to detail.

The members of Coldplay with BTS | @coldplay/Twitter

In a recent interview, Phil Harvey, the creative director for Coldplay and known as the group’s “5th member,” sat down in an interview with the radio station ColdplayXtra and spoke about his experiences working with BTS. As someone who was one of the reasons for the collaboration, he shared his views on the process.

Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Phil Harvey, Jonny Buckland, and Will Champion | @coldplayxtra/Twitter

From the very beginning, Phil Harvey didn’t seem to have enough praise for the group. Although the collaboration wasn’t something he expected, it didn’t take away from BTS’s talent.

He explained then that, alongside the Coldplay members, he was also gifted with a hanbok from the group.

They were very, very kind. They gifted me a hanbok, and it’s absolutely stunning. I think BTS dropped one of their videos which showed the band putting them on. There was footage of me, but I don’t think it was in there. It’s a treasured possession.

— Phil Harvey

In particular, the hosts asked what it was like having to coordinate the schedules of two of the biggest bands in the world so that they could work on the music, shoot the video and meet each other. As expected, Phil Harvey showcased just how professional the group is.

It was actually pretty drama-free all in all. They really are lovely, lovely. The seven of them are so sweet, and their management team is so lovely as well. So it was no big drama, but it was a lot of coordination.

— Phil Harvey

Like most fans worldwide, the hosts then asked a question that everyone wanted to know: whether there would be a live performance of the track from BTS and Coldplay sometime in the future. As expected, the answer might have been vague but gave some hope to ARMYs.

Can you expect that at some time in the future? I would say don’t not expect it. I’m very optimistic that it may happen at some point in the future.

— Phil Harvey

It isn’t the first time that Phil Harvey has praised the group. In an interview released when the track was shared, he complimented the members of BTS and their vocal chemistry with each other and with Chris Martin!

All seven of their voices blend so well together, and with Chris’. This is me and my three boys’ favorite song.

— Phil Harvey

With Phil Harvey being another name who couldn’t stop praising BTS when working with them, it shows just how hardworking and humble the members are. Hopefully, the live collaboration will be sooner rather than later.

You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: @BTSChartDailyX