Coldplay’s “5th Member” Phil Harvey Praises BTS And Reveals His Role In Making “My Universe”

Thank you, Phil Harvey!

BTS‘s collaboration with British rock band Coldplay has been a huge hit among fans and the general public ever since its release. Though this dream team song may have come as a surprise to many, the idea had actually been in Coldplay creative director and manager Phil Harvey‘s mind almost two years ago!

Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Phil Harvey, Jonny Buckland, and Will Champion. | @coldplayxtra/Twitter

Harvey is known by fans and the other Coldplay members as the fifth member of the group due to his irreplaceable role as manager and creative director. During a listening party hosted through Coldplay’s official Twitter account by singer Tim Burgess, Harvey tweeted out to let fans know just how “My Universe” started: eighteen months ago during a conversation with lead singer, Chris Martin.

Artwork for “My Universe.” | @coldplay/Twitter

Harvey had heard about some members of BTS being fans of Coldplay and a rumor that they would be up for a collaboration. Fans of BTS would know that many BTS members love the band: Jin is a longtime fan of Coldplay and frequently has their music in his playlists,  and J-Hope even got to attend a concert of theirs back in 2017 that inspired him as a fellow performer.

About 18 months ago, I mentioned to Chris that some members of [BTS] had said they were into our band, and I’d heard a rumor they might like to collaborate. 4 months later he called me super-excited — ‘I’ve got the song for BTS!‘ — and played the demo over the phone.

— Phil Harvey

Coldplay with BTS. | @coldplay/Twitter

He praised RM, Suga, and J-Hope in particular for their lyrical contributions and performance on the track. BTS and Chris Martin decided to record the song in person together due to the unifying message of the song and it definitely made the track extra special.

It was one of those brilliant moments I’ll always remember. The band fleshed it out together and then Chris went to Seoul for 48 hours (most of the time in a quarantine hotel). RM did an amazing job with the Korean lyrics, and SUGA and [J-hope] totally nailed the breakdown.

— Phil Harvey

Harvey then complimented all 7 members of BTS on their vocal chemistry with each other and with Chris Martin!

All 7 of their voices blend so well together, and with Chris’. This is me and my three boys’ favourite song. 💜

— Phil Harvey

“My Universe” has definitely become one of ARMY’s favorite songs as well! Read more about the brilliant collaboration below.

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