BTS’s V Proudly Brags About Being The Mastermind Behind His Scene In “Dynamite” B-Side

It was all Director Taehyung’s idea!

BTS is taking the world by storm with their multiple versions of “Dynamite” MVs on YouTube.

But what you might be surprised and proud to find out is that V’s scene in the B-side version of the MV was all his idea!

In a recent behind-the-scenes clip, V could be seen sharing his idea of creating multiple copies of himself doing different dances, and the staff loved it.

The director called V “Director Taehyung“, and V proudly bragged, “I can produce unlimited ideas.

And the end product?

This epic scene right here!

Could this be the start of V’s career in directing?

Check out the full B-side MV featuring V’s very own idea below:

Source: The Qoo