BTS’s V Uses His Golden Touch Again With Another Sold Out T-Shirt

Any ARMYs get a chance to snag this shirt?

On November 4, BTS’s V posted a photo with the message, “Thanks for making the best t-shirt ever.” The picture revealed a t-shirt with the phrase ‘My cat is Rockstar & I’m a manager’ with the word ‘cat’ crossed out and replaced with the word ‘Tan.’




The word ‘Tannie’ became trending worldwide as soon as the post uploaded to Twitter.




Tan is known to be V’s dog, and V has always made it known how much he loves his pet.

Fans quickly found the designer of the t-shirt to be Joegush. V also wore clothes from this brand during their appearance on The Ellen Show last May.




With fans purchasing the t-shirt, both colors available quickly became sold out.

With all t-shirts sold out, fans are also requesting for collaboration between V and Joegush.




It’s also not hard to believe that this is not the first time V wore something and sold-out.

I guess we need to move quickly to purchase the next it-item V wears!

Source: segye