“Bubble” App Announces Refunds To Fans Of Idols Who Fail To Post Within 30 Days

There’s a change in their policy.

DearU Bubble has made an announcement concerning inactive idol’s accounts.

| bubble for JYPnation

DearU Bubble, sometimes referred to as Bubble, is a private messaging service where idols can send fans messages and see their responses. Originally an SM Entertainment artist service launched through the LYSN app, DearU Bubble has since branched out to include FNC EntertainmentJellyfish Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment.

| bubble for JYPnation

Recently, a new rule has been introduced concerning idols who fail to post. If the artist does not send a message for 30 days from the day the membership is purchased, fans will receive a refund.

Nayeon (TWICE) is active on the app. | @twicetagram/Instagram

However, if they are able to send at least one message then fans will not be eligible to receive the refund.

Inseong (SF9) playfully engages with fans on the app. | FNC Entertainment

This rule ensures that fans are receiving what they pay for and can expect a few behind-the-scenes moments from their favorite idols every month.

Felix (Stray Kids) uses Bubble. | @realstraykids/Instagram
Source: TheQoo