Bumkey’s 4th trial for drug trafficking charges begins today

The fourth trial for singer Bumkey, who was placed under arrest for suspicion of trafficking drugs, will take place this afternoon on January 26th, set by the Seoul Eastern Branch earlier on. 

It has also been reported that a Mr. Bae will be present as a witness. Mr. Bae was originally supposed to appear in the last trial, however, was absent.

Previous witnesses include Mr. Song and Mr. Kim, who both appeared before the court and confirmed Bumkey’s guilt of trafficking drugs illegally. However, when the court asked for specifics such as the tie, location, and amount of drugs purchased, the two could only answer, “It’s hard to recall events from two years ago.”

These answers led to Bumkey’s legal representatives to argue, “The witnesses are failing to provide details but are simply answering ‘yes’ to the questions provided by the police. Since the accused is a celebrity, if the witnesses are able to provide dates of the alleged deals, we will provide alibis to prove his innocence.”

According to police, all witnesses have corroborated the illegal activities by Bumkey, and are sure that the singer is guilty of the alleged crimes.

Source: Star News