Mother Of Burning Sun Assault Victim Was Threatened By Gangsters

“How can there still be more to reveal?”

The victim of the “Burning Sun Assault“, which started all the scandals revolving around Club Burning Sun and Seungri, has revealed that his mother was threatened by gangsters.

On February 26, the man shared a post on his Instagram stating that it was his birthday. He also revealed that his mother had been threatened by people who she speculated to be gangsters.

“It’s my birthday.
During the end of January after the news was first reported, my mother told me,

‘You’ve done well until now. I didn’t tell you in case you would give up, but people who looked like gangsters came to me and told me to reach a settlement because you were in the wrong. But I couldn’t let you become a criminal.’

She told me after she saw me being hit on the news.

I had to do whatever it took to win and I will win.
That is how I am protecting my family.”


Netizens have been expressing their shock at the neverending issues that continue to arise.

  • “Wow…if it’s this bad they should try finding out what they didn’t do first.”
  • “How can there still be more to reveal.”
  • “I can’t believe those scenes we see in the movie are real…They’re giving me the chills.”
  • “This is even worse than the movie Veteran. If it was a movie, it would have surpassed 10 million viewers.”
  • “I’m at a loss for words.”
  • “Wow, seriously what are they doing? They need to catch all of those guys and punish them all.”
  • “This for sure sounds like a movie.”
  • “This is disgusting.”

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