Former Burning Sun Employees Reported Alleged Drug Distributor “Aena” And Got Fired In Return

Police investigations did not take place either.

A promoter of Burning Sun who went by the name Aena was accused of distributing drugs at the club and also gained attention from the media for a video she uploaded with Seungri.


According to an insider, Aena was a promoter who was in charge of Chinese clients. She allegedly made approximately $9,000 USD monthly on commissions from attracting clients and was known as a high-end promoter.

The insider also claimed that everyone knew the woman did drugs.

We always talked about it amongst ourselves, that she did drugs, that she’s going out to do drugs again.

ㅡ Insider


Other former promoters of Burning Sun also confessed that they’ve witnessed Aena do drugs but have not seen her distribute them to others.

I’ve seen Aena do drugs but I haven’t seen her distribute or sell them to others. And it’s also a well-known fact within the club.

ㅡ Promoter A


They also revealed that she earned an extreme amount of profits through her Chinese customers. Another promoter claimed that clients who reserved tables through Aena were the richest among the rich.

Those who reserve tables through Aena were crazy rich people. The fact that she earned $17,000 USD in a day means that she sold hundreds of thousands of dollars (of alcohol) in a day.

ㅡ Promoter B


In fact, Aena had previously been reported to the police. Burning Sun employees have apparently reported her for the use and distribution of drugs in September 2018.


But it wasn’t only Aena that they reported. They also reported two people who worked with Aena in selling the drugs named Alice and Yang Yang.


According to the former promoters A and B, the police came by and was given all the evidence but ended up leaving without doing a thorough investigation.

The police claimed that she quickly admitted to her crime, so they dismissed prosecution and ordered her deportation as she was revealed to be an illegal alien. However, she dismissed the orders and responded with a lawsuit.


To make matters more suspicious, the employees who had reported Aena to the police were fired on the day they reported her.

They said, “This is Seungri’s club so if you report drugs we may close down. So hurry up and cancel your report and leave Burning Sun today,” and fired me.

ㅡ Promoter A


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Source: Kookmin Ilbo

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