Photo Reveals BIGBANG’s Seungri With Woman Accused Of Distributing Drugs At Burning Sun

Witnesses claim they saw the woman pass out white-colored pills.

A photo of BIGBANG‘s Seungri and a woman who has been accused of selling drugs at Club Burning Sun has been grabbing the attention of the media.

The Chinese woman, who goes by the name “Aena“, shared a photo of herself with Seungri on social media in October 2018.

In the caption, she wrote: “I have to work hard to take a photo with our executive Seungri. Working hard after a week of drunkenness.” 


The woman “Aena” has recently been accused by numerous witnesses of supplying drug pills at the Club Burning Sun during her employment as a promoter. Customers of the club claimed to have seen the woman take out white-colored pills from her wallet or pocket and offer them to other customers. According to one witness, the customers who took these pills, which were called “K”, showed abnormal behavior such as dancing wildly to music that was not particularly exciting and having big reactions to small things.

According to reports, Aena is a Chinese woman who came to Seoul 8 years ago as a foreign acting student at a Korean university. She had apparently graduated last year and begun working for Burning Sun as an illegal alien. She was also indicted for smoking marijuana last year.

In fact, media outlets have reported that she was one of the women who filed a complaint against the victim of the Burning Sun Assault case, Kim Sang Kyo, for sexual assault. Kim Sang Kyo even uploaded a post that stated that Aena was one of the two women who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Kim Sang Kyo, according to MBC reports. This post has since been deleted.


Meanwhile, Seungri has released a response to his involvement in the Burning Sun scandal and clarified that he was only the director of public relations and did not actually manage the club.

Police investigations on various issues related to the club are currently in progress and investigations on the woman named “Aena” is also expected to take place once the police succeed in reaching her.

Source: SBS Fune and MBC News
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