Ex-Policeman Involved In Burning Sun Case Acquitted Of All Charges Due To Lack Of Evidence

Justice apparently, has not been served.

It is a sad, sad day for justice as the former police officer that was taken to court for his involvement in the Burning Sun cases was released on the account of a lack of evidence.

The morning of the 25th of June 2020 saw former police officer, Kang Mo, and his appeal in court for his involvement in the case that shook the entire industry. However, the Supreme Court Justice has confirmed his innocence. The judge explained that due to the Google timeline and location information from Kang Mo’s handphone, the credibility of the person who claimed to have bribed him, was denied. Ergo, in the absence of concrete evidence, the judge declared no wrongdoing against order, against the laws of logic and experience, and neither was there any fault outside the limits of liberalism.

Photo of the interior of the club as provided by Burning Sun when it was in operation.

Kang Mo, who worked at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul, was handed over to the court on charges of receiving ₩20 million KRW ($16,667 USD) from Burning Sun in July 2018, to ignore reports of the entry of a minor into the promotional events ongoing at the club.

During his initial trial, he was sentenced to a year of imprisonment for undermining the trust in the upholders of the law, namely, the police force. However, during his appeal, the judge declared that the phone he was using at that time, had registered that he did not go to the hotel at which Burning Sun was located at. Due to the fact that his phone proved he did not go to any of the locations listed in the case’s statute of facts, he was acquitted of all charges.

The Burning Sun case shook fans and the public hard when it first came to light in 2019, as the crimes committed angered many people. The court’s decision as thus will come with much backlash and a continued lack of trust in the system.

Source: Newsis

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