Netizens Fear For Burning Sun Reporter’s Life After His Long Message On Instagram

They fear he’s going to get murdered.

Reporter Oh Hyuk Jin was one of the first to break the news regarding all of the corruption and illegal activities that happened around the club, called Burning Sun. He’s covered the story in great detail since the Burning Sun assault scandal that happened back in November 2018 was reported on the news in late January.

Ever since then, the late night club culture in Seoul has been turned upside down as many witnesses claim to have seen illegal activities, such as drugs and prostitution have taken place under the radar.

As the issue continues to grow, Oh Hyuk Jin decided to write out a message to everyone who’s been worried about his involvement with the case. He uploaded the KakaoTalk photo of Noh Seung Il, along with his long message where he clarified his stance.

Oh Hyuk Jin revealed that he’s currently receiving the help of Noh Seung Il, the famous reporter and former director of the K Sports Foundation, who was the first reporter to release breaking news about Choi Soon Sil‘s corruption that sank deep into a wide network of the top 1% in Korean society. Oh Hyuk Jin states that he’s continued to receive warnings and threats since he began investigating into the Burning Sun scandal.

“As you know, Seung Il and I are mad dogs. I don’t know what kind of danger and threats will come our way, but let’s keep going.”

— Oh Hyuk Jin

But what made netizens fear for his life was when he mentioned how he will not “be framed of suicide or be killed.” Netizens suspect that he’s already received death threats for his refusal to stop digging more into the story.

He also revealed that he can’t stop digging farther into the scandal because it’s “more f*cked up and dirtier than [he] had imagined.” His words put fear into the netizens’ minds as they worried that the corruption was much more worse than what was covered on the news so far.

Within hours of his Instagram post gaining traction on Nate Pann, the post was deleted without warning. Netizens have flooded Oh Hyuk Jin’s Instagram with words of encouragement and support.


Read his full message below:

“#BurningSun #Press #Reporter #Controversy #Suspicion #Drugs #SexualAssault #Society #Club #Gangnam #NohSeungIl

I’m writing this because a lot of people seem to be worried about. If I get f*cked, this man will make his move.

I am close like brothers with Noh Seung Il, the first reporter to break Choi Soon Sil gate and the former director of K Sports Foundation. Don’t worry, I don’t think I’ll be framed of suicide or be killed.

I’m going all in like a mad dog because of Seung Il hyung.

I’m personally sorry to [Seung Il] because he’s having a hard time… I wondered if I should even write this….;;;; I didn’t want it to come this far…. I thought I would only need his help when I was investigating Samsung, but this his more f*cked up and dirtier than I had imagined… It’s really serious…. I’ll have to put my all in obtaining evidence of drugs… It’s already come this far so let’s finish it.

I made up my mind.

My seniors from other press companies said, ‘Hey, you need to know the boundaries. I’m worried about you…’ ‘You know me. I can’t let this go like this… We need to take action against them no matter what…’

As you know, Seung Il and I are mad dogs. I don’t know what kind of danger and threats will come our way, but let’s keep going.

Honestly, without Seung Il, I wouldn’t be able to handle this… I learned my passion and malice from him… To all my close personal friends… ‘Please understand even if I’m unreachable and don’t worry’”

— Oh Hyuk Jin

Source: Nate Pann

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